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2009-08-17 05:41:51 by iceblueglow

i havent updated for a while omg omg omg (enough omg?)

well my project path of life isnt done but i have starded a new song (evil me) and it sounds cool to me.
a distorted synth is kinda takin the lead with a supersaw thingy i think.

well... wow thats all -_-'' my life isnt exitin :(

o and maybe im getting another artist name so if you have a suggestion i might take it :D

EDIT: sawdusty (short version of sawdust) is online :D

coming up new song

2009-01-26 15:43:33 by iceblueglow

HAha your reading it!!!

anyways, i want to inform you that my new track is coming up. this track is a little bit fast after at high grounds but anyways, this song is called 'path of hope' cuz it brings you trough the feelings ive had last time (werent that good) and following a path made of silver that keeps me away from all the bad feelings but away from my normal life too. anyways (<<<like that word<<<), im totaly not done but you can expect it around the end of the week so, MUSIC DOESNT BLOW, ICEBLUEGLOW!!!

end of times is near.

2009-01-25 14:01:11 by iceblueglow

well i was bored so i did some stuf to get inspiration and this was the result.

i had no high expectations and the song is far from popular. however, i posted it cuz it could be usefull to gamemakers so dont give it a zero please.

[EDIT]: bad reviews have caused that this piece of sh*t has been removed. well... we say goodbye to the song: end of times is near *cry*

my newest song is out!!!

2009-01-24 17:23:21 by iceblueglow

my newest song is at high grounds. its a piece i wrote to have vocals but i just didnt want to later. however, the guitar i wanted was inserted and the final mastering was bringin awesome results. if i must give it a rating, i would give it a 9 (just because im proud on my piece of work. it would get a 7 if i wasnt :D )