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Entry #4


2009-08-17 05:41:51 by iceblueglow

i havent updated for a while omg omg omg (enough omg?)

well my project path of life isnt done but i have starded a new song (evil me) and it sounds cool to me.
a distorted synth is kinda takin the lead with a supersaw thingy i think.

well... wow thats all -_-'' my life isnt exitin :(

o and maybe im getting another artist name so if you have a suggestion i might take it :D

EDIT: sawdusty (short version of sawdust) is online :D


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2009-08-21 11:36:07

Please, if you are going to talk like this, go back to xat.


2009-10-02 14:10:23

so for bein someone who said im a bitch, ur music sure does suck. i figured maybe u were some super talented person just passing judgement, but ur just a hater. keep makin that garbage ass videogame music, im sure theres a huge market for that these days. come talk to me when u find some talent n start makin some money. til then, id say find a new hobby