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my newest song is out!!!

2009-01-24 17:23:21 by iceblueglow

my newest song is at high grounds. its a piece i wrote to have vocals but i just didnt want to later. however, the guitar i wanted was inserted and the final mastering was bringin awesome results. if i must give it a rating, i would give it a 9 (just because im proud on my piece of work. it would get a 7 if i wasnt :D )


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2009-01-26 11:13:21

1. REMOVE THAT PICTURE FROM YOUR PAGE, SERIOUSLY. 2. I don,t know what you did in At High Grounds to make it better but you need to do that in every next song. You,ve improved a lot. But i,m afraid you,re falling back to the quality of your previous work. End of times is near 4 example... 3. REMOVE THAT PICTURE!! IT,S AWFUL!!